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Welcome to The Farrell Company, the World's Leading Organization for Researching and Teaching High-Growth Entrepreneurial Practices...

The Farrell Company, with offices in Arizona and Virginia, USA, was founded in 1983 by Larry Farrell. The firm operates directly in the US and through affiliates in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.  More than five million participants have attended its programs over the past quarter century.

Farrell's first book, Searching For The Spirit Of Enterprise (1993), established him as an international authority on entrepreneurship and high growth companies. His next book, The Entrepreneurial Age (2001), expanded upon that original theme into how the power of entrepreneurship can be harnessed by companies, governments and individuals to compete and prosper in the 21st century. Getting Entrepreneurial! (2003), his third book, is an application-driven guide for "the 70 percent of the workforce who dream of someday creating and running their own businesses." His most recent book, The New Entrepreneurial Age (2011), is a thorough revision of all his previous books combined with an up-to-the-minute accounting of everything the firm has learned about helping people, schools, companies, and governments use the economic power of entrepreneurship. Larry is also a contributing editor for The Conference Board Review, the magazine of the The Conference Board in New York City.

The firm's training and consulting services are based on its original research into the high-growth business practices of the world's great entrepreneurs. Its widely used Spirit Of Enterprise Seminars and Entrepreneurial Age Keynotes have been delivered to corporate clients in 40 countries, across nine languages. The company's Getting Entrepreneurial! Seminar, based on the book which shares its name, is being used by educational institutions and government-funded entrepreneur development programs around the world.

Larry Farrell and his company's programs have received acclaim from Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, The Conference Board, Fortune, Business Week and thousands of demanding clients worldwide. Clients range from blue-chip, global 1,000 companies, to world-class universities, to government agencies responsible for job creation and economic development.

Corporate Clients Include: IBM, Business Week, American Express, Citibank, Cisco, Coca-Cola, DHL, Mead Johnson, Pattison Group, Matsushita, Singapore Technologies, San Miguel, Hong Kong Metro, Glaxo, Unilever, Finnair, Banca Comerciala Romana, Xerox Europe, Bass Brewery, Turkcell, Varig Airlines, ENAP de Chile, Carvajal, Banco Itau, South Africa Personnel Association, Infosys and the Confederation of Indian Industry.

University & Education Clients Include: Cambridge (UK), Jilin (China), Cal-Tech (US), KiBS (India),  Ateneo (Philippines), Central Michigan (US), Trinity Western (Canada), IT Sligo (Ireland), Laureate (US), San Ignacio De Loyola (Peru) and JA Worldwide.*


*Junior Achievement, the world’s largest, non-government educational organization, uses specially developed and licensed programs from The Farrell Company to teach entrepreneurship to hundreds of thousands of middle and high school students around the world each year.  


Government Clients Include: City of New York, China Vocational Education Association, European Union Development (Romania), Brazil Small Business Administration, Invest Northern Ireland, Malaysia Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Singapore Ministry of Trade, South Africa KZN Province, Yavapai-Apache Nation and the UN Secretariat for Enterprise..



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