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     Larry Farrell is a contributing editor for The Conference Board Review, the bi-monthly magazine published by The Conference Board. You can read Larry's latest column here and also link to each of his previous contributions.  Larry is currently working on his fourth book, a hindsight look back and tying-together of many of these articles and how Larry's ideas and teachings have transgressed the years to remain as pertinent as ever.

T h e C o n f e r e n c e B o a r d Re v i e w July/ August  2 0 0 8


 What's Left to Say


Our columnist has finally said   everything about entrepreneurship--almost.                 


     When my old friend and former business partner Tom Peters heard that I was keen on researching and teaching entrepreneurship, he warned, "You can say everything that needs to be said about entrepreneurship in one paragraph."  The implication was clear:  Stick with the big-business management stuff he had written about in his best-selling book In Search of Excellence.

     Well, twenty-five years (including four delightful years of writing this column) and three books of my own later, I'd have to say that either the great Tom Peters got it wrong or it's taken me a hell of a long time to get that paragraph just right.  Of course, who could blame Peters or anyone else for pooh-poohing my newfound interest in entrepreneurs way back in 1983?  It was still all about management in those days.  Starting a small business was something you did if you couldn't get a "real job" at a Fortune 500 blue-chip outfit like GM or IBM or Citibank.

     How shortsighted!  People simply hadn't yet recognized that entrepreneurship was the greatest economic-growth tool ever invented and that entrepreneurship, not big business, was to become the real engine of prosperity around the world...

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